Monday, October 24, 2011

Four Seasons by Jane Breskin Zalben - ADVISABLE

Zalben, Jane Breskin Four Seasons 318 pgs. Knopf, 2011 Language: PG (1 swear, no "F") Sexual Content: G; Violence: G
Allegra Katz, Ally for short, was born to a famous violinist father, and an amazing opera singer mother. She is 13 years old and has been playing piano since she was four; but she doesn't take any ordinary piano lessons, she studies at the Julliard School where she will hopefully get good enough to get to the big shots. Ally starts liking a boy, but with her busy practice and school schedule never has time to do anything with him or her best friend. She goes to a music camp for the summer where she rooms with a 16 year old girl named Emma. Emma is nice to Ally and teats her like an older sister would, but Ally and Emma get in a fight and Ally starts to realize that maybe piano isn't her passion anymore. She feels so overwhelmed by her teacher Ms. Pringle and she doesn't know how much longer she'll make it. But with two parents that are musicians she feels like she'd be letting them down if she quit. Ally torn between her feelings doesn't know how much longer she can handle the pressure. It's overbearing.  I really enjoyed this book, a few parts were a little slow but it was good. MS -  ADVISABLE. Student Reviewer: EM

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