Friday, October 14, 2011

Bizarre World of Food by Andrew Zimmern –NOT RECOMMENDED

Zimmern, Andrew Bizarre World of Food, 208 pgs. Delacorte Books for Young Readers, 2011. $11.99.(Language-G, Violence-G; Sexual Content-G.)
Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel channel show Bizarre Foods, details a dizzying array of
his world-wide food adventures, including the adventures it takes to get to the food. Includes detailed descriptions of food cooking techniques and tastes.
I love this authors TV show so I was excited to read this book for young readers. However, this book was obviously just a quickly clipped down version of his book written for adults. To even understand, let alone enjoy this book, one must possess extensive “Foodie” knowledge. For example, there are way too many terms to count that go completely unexplained, like silage, neophyte, quaffable, croquettes, tripe, bacaloa, and “forcemeat”. Even from an adult "Foodie" perspective -this book is pretentious (name dropping), overly complex (excessive examinations of food origins/ingredient variations), and even downright offensive (Ex1. Calling an old woman a Crone, and Ex2. Describing a clam as resembling “a certain male appendage (wink wink)”. (Its the winking part that freaked me out).The only possible way a young adult would enjoy this book is to have included a boatload of photographs in context and to take the 10 page ‘Authors Note’ section –which is awesome, and make it then entire book.
HS – NOT RECOMMENDED Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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