Friday, October 21, 2011

Bootleg by Karen Blumenthal –ADVISABLE

Blumenthal, Karen Bootleg –Murder, Moonshine, and the lawless years of prohibition, 160 pgs. Flash Point, 2011. $12.91. (Language-G, Violence-PG; Sexual Content-G.)
This book is the colorful history of Prohibition. It includes explanations of what created a fertile ground for the Constitutional Amendment to pass, the unexpected results, as well as what it took to get the Amendment repealed.
The book is full of photographs from the time period which illustrate the mood, events, advertising, crime, and politics of the era. I learned more than I expected including some incredibly interesting things that I shared with my friends and family. Students will love this well explained and organized journey through Prohibition. They will enjoy the devious and creative nature of the bootleggers, and find the antics of Al Capone of interest.
MS, HS – ADVISABLE Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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