Wednesday, October 19, 2011

EllRay Jakes is NOT a Chicken by Sally Warner - ESSENTIAL

Warner, Sally EllRay Jakes is NOT a Chicken 108 pgs. Viking, 2011, $14.99

Content G

EllRay Jakes is the smallest kid in his class, the funniest kid and also one of the few African-American kids at Oak Glen Elementary. The biggest kid in class, Jared, has been picking on him for a few weeks and EllRay decides that it’s going to end when his dad offers him a trip to Disneyland if he can stay out of trouble for a week.

This book is an easy read and a fitting topic for elementary and middle school kids alike. Reluctant readers will also enjoy it. Publishers indicate this is the first in a series and I’m eager to read about what other topics EllRay tackles in following books.

EL, MS - ESSENTIAL. Shauna, Reading teacher.

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