Friday, October 14, 2011

Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise by Monica Perez - ADVISABLE

Perez, Monica. Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise, illustrations by Mary O’Keefe Young. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011. $3.99. PICTURE BOOK. Curious George hears some music and his friend, the man with the yellow hat, tells him that it is the ice cream truck. George is ready to climb out the window right then, but his friend insists he eat his breakfast and that the ice cream truck will come again tomorrow. The next day George is hot and wants to buy some ice cream, but he doesn’t hear the truck. He tries to go swimming but the pool is closed and the sprinklers at the park are turned off. Luckily, George hears the ice cream truck, and tries to stop it, but the driver doesn’t see him. George swings through the trees to catch up with the truck. Illustrator Mary O’Keefe Young captures the style and feel of the original Curious George illustrations by H. A. Rey’s. Fans of the curious monkey will enjoy George’s predicament and of course his sweet ending. Pre-K, EL – ADVISABLE. Samantha, Public Librarian.

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