Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Badd by Tim Tharp - NO

Tharp, Tim  Badd 308 pgs. Knopf, 2011. Language: PG-13 (34 swears and no "F" up to page 68) Violence: Pg-13; Sexual Content: PG-13.  Ceejay is kind of a tomboy, she hangs out with the guys and can seriously throw a punch. But mainly she is known as Bobby's kid sister. Bobby was a charming bad boy who would stick up for the underdog when he needed to but still liked to live on the wild side. Ceejay was expected to follow her example and be the protector if she needed to. But one day she swears she sees Bobby in the passenger seat of some girls car. Generally not a problem, right? Usually yes, but Bobby is supposed to be overseas fighting. Could that really have been Bobby in the car? and if it was, why didn't he come home and visit? I could not get very far into this book at all. It was full of swearing, drugs, alcohol, fighting and partying. I generally finish a book when I start it but this one just was not doing it for me. I would suggest this to HS age, if you were going to try and read it, but overall a NO because I would not recommend it. NOT RECOMMENDED.  Student Reviewer: EM

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