Monday, October 24, 2011

The Half-Life of Planets by Emily Franklin - ADVISABLE

Franklin, Emily and Halpin, Brendan The Half-Life of Planets 247 pgs. Hyperion, 2010. Language: R (37 Swears 3 "F").  Liana is a pretty high school girl who aspires to be a planetary scientist. But she has the bad rep of being a slut. This she learns when a note with that dreaded four-lettered word appeared in her locker one day. To prove that she isn't she will abstain from kissing, which seems so easy until she meets a boy named Hank. But Hank isn't like any of the other boys she's kissed. He isn't the lead singer in a band, or the popular jock. He is funny when he doesn't mean to be and is socially awkward. Liana doesn't know why he's like this until she learns that he has Asperger's Syndrome. But they do have one thing in common, they both are very passionate about something, Liana: Planetary Science and Hank: Music. As their friendship grows and possibly develops into something more can Hank work on not scaring her away by being awkward? and can Liana keep from kissing? I really enjoyed this book, it felt like something you'd see in high school and was very realistic. HS - ADVISABLE. Student Reviewer: EM

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