Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This Child, Every Child by David J. Smith-ESSENTIAL

Smith, David J.  Armstrong, Shelagh.  This Child, Every Child: A Book about the World’s Children (CitizenKid), 36 pages. Kids Can Press, 2011.  $18.95.  Inside cover:  “This Child, Every Child shows young readers that all children are fundamentally the same and have the same needs, no matter where they live.  It also highlights the drastically different realities of children’s lives.  With its activity and discussion suggestions, it empowers young readers and their families to help ensure that all of the world’s children have the same opportunities to thrive.”  What an incredibly moving (sometimes sad) and informative book!  We learned so much about other countries and customs!  We especially loved the section at the bottom of each page discussing children’s rights, written in child friendly language.  The back of the book is filled with discussion questions that could spark great conversation at home or in classrooms.  Children will not only find this book interesting, but it will help them realize how fortunate they are if they are living in happiness, safety and good fortune. Every class would benefit from having this great resource in their classroom.  The age level would definitely be upper elementary grades.  EL.  ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: SL. 

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