Monday, August 29, 2011

Capital Mysteries #12: The Ghost at Camp David by Ron Roy- ADVISABLE

Roy, Ron.  Bush, Timothy. Capital Mysteries #12: The Ghost at Camp David (A Stepping Stone Book), 96 pgs.  Random House Books, 2010.  $4.99.  Cover:  “A legend says that on a dead president’s birthday, his ghost haunts the famous retreat, Camp David.  KC and Marshall are going there on October 14, President Eisenhower’s birthday.  They aren’t worried, until strange things start happening.  How did a bat get trapped in their cabin?  Why is there blood-red dirt in the trunk by the couch?  And that is making the weird thumping noise?  It’s not Eisenhower’s ghost….is it?”  This was a good book.  I was worried that it might be scary, but it ended up not being scary in the end.  This story was interesting!  EL.  ADVISABLE.  Student Reviewed:  JL- age 8. 

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