Monday, August 8, 2011

A is for America by Tanya Lee Stone- ADVISABLE

Stone, Tanya Lee.  Kelley, Gerald. A is for America, 24 pages. Penguin, 2011.  $4.99.  Back Cover:  “A is for America, Welcome to the show.  It’s all about our nation, Come see how much you know!  Children will love learning about and celebrating our great country in this rhyming alphabet book filled with fun facts about America’s history!”  This is a great book that can be used as a simple ABC book in primary grades, or a fun factual book about our Nation in upper elementary grades.  The illustrations are fantastic!  We enjoyed the refresher course on many historical facts, and learned a few new facts as well!  Pre-K.  El (K-3). EL.  ADVISABLE.  Reviewer:  SL. 

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