Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flutter by Erin E Moulton –NOT RECOMMENDED

Moulton, Erin E Flutter, 208 pgs. Philomel, 2011. $11.17. Language-G, Violence-PG; Sexual Content-G.

Maple is a little girl who loves her family. When the newest addition, a fourth sister, is born too early –putting her life is in danger, its time for Maple to help. She knows the family legend about the Wise Woman in the woods who has healing water is true, so she sets her heart on bringing some back to save her baby sister. Her older bossy sister Dawn comes with, and they both face many obstacles as they travel alone through the wilderness.

This book is told from Maple’s perspective, which is very juvenile. I think students old enough to dig into this longer chapter book will be bored with the tone that sets. Younger students might be upset by the dangerous situations and animal killing. I think the repeating butterfly encounters are supposed be some thread that ties the story together or mean something special but it was totally lost on me. I think the possibility that this could be a meaningful book was there, but it just didn’t come together quite right.
EL - NOT RECOMMENDED. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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