Thursday, August 18, 2011

Otto The Boy Who Loved Cars by Kara LaReau- ESSENTIAL

LaReau, Kara.  Magoon, Scott.  Otto The Boy Who Loved Cars, 32 pgs.  Roaring Brook Press, 2011.  $15.99.  Inside cover:  “Otto loves cars more than anything in the world.  He plays with cars,… he even eats cars (his favorite cereal is Wheelies).  But that all changes when he awakes one morning to find that he has somehow turned into a car.  Otto soon realizes that there is a downside to actually becoming his favorite thing.  While the rest of his friends get to play and draw and read, Otto can only honk and sputter.  Will Otto ever be able to switch gears and go back to being a boy?” We enjoyed this book.  It was well written, creative, and imaginative.  We especially loved the illustrations!  My 8 year old said he liked the message that it’s ok to change the things you love/ like. Pre-K.   EL (K-3).  ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: SL.

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