Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pride and Prejudice by Nancy Butler - ADVISABLE

Butler, Nancy Pride and Prejudice, 120 pages, Marvel, 2010, $14.99. Content-G
With a set of silly sisters, some questionable connections and no dowry, what's a gentleman's daughter to do? In this graphic rendition of Jane Austen's classic, Elizabeth Bennet has a lot on her mind. Unwilling to compromise herself by accepting a loveless marriage, she tries to keep her chin up in spite of her matrimony-minded mother and the high and mighty neighbors.  When she meets her perfect match in Mr. Darcy, her own prejudices keep her from seeing through his pride. After scandal strikes her family circle, can Mr. Darcy save the day and a second chance at Elizabeth's hand? If you want to know, read the original; however, if you are already a fan, this graphic novel version is like eating dessert before a feast. This chocolate bonbon rendition of  Jane Austen's timeless love story is very sweet, though not as satisfying as the original.  No one should use it to replace Austen's masterpiece, but for reluctant or younger readers, it may be the perfect appetizer. MS/HS-ADVISABLE; Reviewer: Gretchen  

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