Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Princess Palooza by Joy Allen-ADVISABLE

Allen, Joy.  Princess Palooza, 32 pgs.  Putnam Juvenile, 2011.  $16.99.  Inside Cover: “Princesses are girls with great imaginations!  Sporting tutus, butterfly wings, cowboy boots or soccer jerseys, each of these twelve little girls is a princess and is ready to have a day of play together- a Princess Palooza!  And what could be better than a day at Princess Park- a wonderful playground with a castle, moat and carriage- the perfect place for the girls to let their imaginations run wild as they run, jump and dance.”  This book will be adored by little princesses everywhere!  The illustrations are bright and inviting.  I didn’t love the rhyming.  I thought the timing and meter were “off” in places.  I would have rather had simple text.  Pre-K. EL (K-3).  ADVISABLE.  Reviewer:  SL.

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