Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Smuggler’s Mine by Chris Mould

Mould, Chris.  Something Wickedly Weird-The Smugglers' Mine, 176 pgs.  Roaring Brook Press, 2010.  $12.99.  Language-G. Sexual Content-G, Violence-G.   “There’s a new addition to the island of Crampton Rock.  He’s a former pirate named MacDowell and he claims to have had some amazing pirate adventures with Admiral Swift, the great uncle of Stanley Buggles.  Stanley is eager to know more about this McDowell.  Could this man help him uncover the secret of the smuggler’s mine?  Can he be trusted:  Or once a pirate, always a pirate?” (Cover of book).  I loved this book.  It is very exciting.  The book had suspense and fear. I wanted to read faster and faster and turn the pages to see what would happen next!   EL.  ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: Student JL, age 8.

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