Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Angel in Vegas by Norma Howe

Howe, Norma  Angel in Vegas: The Chronicles of Noah Sark, 247 pgs. Candlewick Press 2009, Language- PG (4 swears no "f") Sexual Content- G Violence-G
Noah Sark, is not your average teenage boy. He techincally isn't even a teenager; he is a guardian angel sent to Vegas to protect someone, who? he doesn't know. He arrives with a backpack full of things he'll need, no matter how bizarre they may seem! He meets two friends, Andy and, the girl he is to protect, Barbra. He goes on many adventures with these two, learning all about Sin City. Although Andy and Barbra don't know it, danger is always lurking near by. Angel is Vegas is different, its something new and very fun! ADVISABLE to MS. Student Reviewer: EM

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