Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bear in Love by Samantha Davis

Davis, Samantha.  Bear in Love.  Illustrated by Sophie Fatus.  Blue Apple Books, 2010.  $12.99 PICTURE BOOK Content:  G.   Bear falls in love with Bunny and imagines all the possible things they could do together .  Then Bear has to think of how to tell Bunny that he likes her.   Once he does they hang out “forever”.  It is unclear for half the book what the genders of the animals are, which can confuse the reader.  The book has a string heart on the front which I think would easily ruin in a library setting.   The story isn’t wonderful and loving someone as a partner forever seems a bit mature for a young audience.  PreK – OPTIONAL.  Reviewer: C. Peterson, teacher.   

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