Saturday, February 19, 2011

Giggle, Giggle, Quack by Doreen Cronin

Cronin, Doreen Giggle, Giggle, Quack illustrated by Betsy Lewin 32 pgs. Simon and Schuster, 2010. BOARD. $7.99. Newly printed as a board book, Cronin brings us another silly Duck adventure in this comical story. Farmer Brown goes on vacation while his brother, Bob, takes care of the farm. "Keep an eye on Duck. He's trouble," are the last words of instruction Farmer Brown gives. And trouble he is. The animals are in for a real treat of a week as Duck leads the way to mischief and merriment! I used this as a read-a-loud for all K-6 ages and all ages loved it! EL-ESSENTIAL. Whitney, Library-Teacher. 

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