Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005 by Lauren Tarshis

I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005
Tarshis, Lauren, I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005. Scholastic Press, 2011. Pgs. 95. Language: G, Violence: G, Sexual Content: G

On August 29, 2005, many people witnessed what was one of the worst natural disasters to ever strike the United States. At one point, people thought it wouldn’t be as bad as predicted, but then the levees broke which made things a lot worse. Today, Louisiana is still feeling the effects of this disaster. At the start of this book, Barry’s family is preparing to evacuate their home in The Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, Louisiana. When Barry’s sister gets really sick, however, the family is forced to wait out the storm. When the storm gets worse and the levees break, Barry is swept away in the floodwaters. Along the way, he meets a canine companion named Cruz. The two rescue each other, but can they keep each other alive? Will Barry ever find his family again? Will help arrive in time?

An inspirational work of fiction for independent readers. The facts interspersed in the book are accurate. The disaster is well-portrayed. The characters are well-developed and likable. Readers who like fiction, action, adventure, and survival stories will enjoy reading this book. EL (K-3), EL(4-6). ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Kira M, Youth Services Librarian, WHI Public Library.

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