Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff - OPTIONAL

Yovanoff, Brenna The Replacement, 343 p. Penguin, 2010.  $ 17.99.  

Language: R (55+ swears, plus 9 ‘f’).  Mature Content: PG (drinking, removing clothing).  

Mackie knows that he is not one of the real people.  When is older sister was four, she saw the bad ones steal away her real little brother and leave this Mackie in his place.  But it is her love and care that has kept him alive all of these years – much longer than any other changeling.  Now another baby has disappeared, that replacement changeling has died and Mackie wants to learn the truth, even if it means it speeds up his own death.  But he will need friends and courage as he descends the suburban façade of his town and into the darkness that lurks below.  

Yovanoff offers up a different look at the lore behind our understanding of elves and others – not the LOTR elves, but Mab and the Morrigan from much further back.  It is a rich offering for an older student.  

HS – OPTIONAL (see language). Cindy, Library Teacher

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