Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let’s Get a Checkup! by Alan Katz

Katz, Alan.  Let’s Get a Checkup! Illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre.  Little Simon, 2010.  $7.99 Content: G.  BOARD BOOK.  A waiting room full of animals is hesitant to visit the doctor and they all protest when it is their turn.  After finding the doctor crying from hurt feelings, a young Dachshund decides to get his checkup.  The checkup is relatively painless and he receives a sticker for his efforts.  The sticker is noticed by the other animals, so they all rush to have their checkups.  Although the story is a valid tale explaining children’s fears, the attempts to make it rhyming only make it confusing.  The mediocre graphics also don’t draw the reader in.  PreK – OPTIONAL.  Reviewer:  C. Peterson,  teacher.

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