Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bunny’s Garden: a Pat the Bunny book

A Lift the Flap Book:  Pat the Bunny: Bunny’s Garden.  A Golden Book, 2010.  $7.99 Content: G.  BOARD BOOK.  Bunny goes around to different parts of his/her garden and when the reader lifts the flap they find flowers, vegetables, berries and bunny’s friend.   Under the last flap on the last page of the book, all the elements are brought together for a picnic.  The book is entertaining because of the flaps and the graphics are simple in the style of Pat the Bunny books.  The only confusion my young children had was that the first page asks you to count the items under the flap, but the concept isn’t carried throughout the other flaps.  PreK – OPTIONAL.  Reviewer:  C. Peterson, teacher.

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