Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Storm Before Atlanta by Karen Schwabach

Schwabach, Karen The Storm Before Atlanta, 302 p. Random House, 2010.  $16.99.  Violence: PG (some war deaths and injuries).  Jeremy DeGroot, 10, has aplan to escape his wretched life as an orphan on the streets of Syracuse New York – run awa, join the army and die a glorious death where all of his comrades will mourn him.  What he doesn’t realize is that life as a drummer boy and life in the army are going to alter him forever – and maybe he won’t want to die after all.  As he and his mess mates fight and march their way to Atlanta, Jeremy meets another youngster, Charlie, who is a Rebel; he also meets Dulcie, who is a runaway slave.  Charlie has a lot to learn.  Schwabach’s book is a good introduction to war, and the Civil War in particular, for the upper elementary.  It doesn’t gloss over the cold, wet and grim facts about the war and its conditions.  EL, MS – ADVISABLE.  Cindy. Library Teacher.

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