Saturday, March 28, 2020

Waste of Space by Gina Damico - OPTIONAL

Waste of Space by Gina Damico, 396 pages. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017. $18.

Language: R (181 swears, 2 “f”); Mature Content: PG13; Violence: PG13



When Chazz Young arranges a new TV show called “Waste of Space,” the whole world is captivated by a new reality show sending teenagers into space. But Chazz did not reveal the truth to his viewers -- only what he wanted them to see. Now we get the full story from what went on behind the scenes, thanks to this intern-turned-whistleblower.

Damico tells this story unconventionally, through a series of phone calls and video transcripts. The format is difficult to navigate because of the steep learning curve required of readers, though I eventually got used to it. This style allows readers to get all the information from several different points of view, and this complemented the premise well. While Damico wrote a story that is hard to pull away from, I also had a hard time continuing to read through the confusion and chaos that goes on. Waste of Space is well-written; it’s just not my cup of tea. The mature content rating is for innuendo, underage substance abuse, nudity, and implied sex. The violence rating is for threats and gun usage.

Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen

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