Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Fire Keeper by J. C. Cervantes - ESSENTIAL

The Fire Keeper (Storm Runners #2) by J. C. Cervantes, 410 pages. Disney Hyperion, 2019. $17

Language: G (0 swear, 0 “F”); Mature Content: PG; Violence: G



Zane Obispo is stuck on an island. Sure, it may be a paradise island with all his close friends and family there with him, but he feels trapped. Zane can’t seem to be able to control his newfound fire powers or his feelings for Brooks. When Zane finds out his father, Hurakan, is scheduled for execution, he escapes from the island to free Hurakan. While out, he also learns of the other godborns who are now in danger. Zane must make the choice to save the godborns or his father as he encounters new and old friends, as well as enemies.

This book was really great. I read it so fast I felt like I was devouring the words. I have loved reading books with a foundation in mythology and this one did not disappoint. Mature content is PG because it had binding deal and oaths as well as a scheduled execution.

Julia M, Student

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