Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Like Nothing Amazing Ever Happened by Emily Blejwas - ADVISABLE

Like Nothing Amazing Ever Happened by Emily Blejwas, 210 pages. Crown (Random House), April 2020.  $17.

Content: G



Life has been a struggle for Justin, 7th grader, his mom and his older brother since his Dad died. People look at him weirdly because they don’t know what to say and his brother is working at the local KFC to help makes ends meet instead of playing his beloved hockey.  The only person who gets Justin is his best friend, Phuc (pronounced “Fo”, thank you), the only Vietnamese kid at their school. Justin would love answers about his Dad’s death – did he see the local trolley or not?  But sometimes you also have to learn that there may be no answers.

LOVE that there is a middle grade boy protagonist who isn’t a gimmick – not a sports book, not a humorous book – the kind of life’s unanswered question book that is usually reserved for girls.

Cindy, Library Teacher, MLS

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