Wednesday, March 25, 2020

My Video Game Ate My Homework by Dustin Hansen - HIGH

My Video Game Ate My Homework by Dustin Hansen, 160 pages, GRAPHIC NOVEL, DC Comics, 2020, $10. 9781401293260

Content G



Dewey Jenkins is 13yo and he has a serious problem.  If he doesn’t pass his science class, he’s looking at summer school.  Because he’s dyslexic and reading is difficult, he figures building a science fair volcano will be his ticket to success. 
Besides, first prize is to try out a new virtual reality console.  Dewey’s best friend Ferg manages to get a sneak peak at the console and breaks it, so he brings it over for Dewey to fix.  The game portal opens up and sucks in the volcano.  Dewey, his twin sister, Beatrice, and friends Ferg and Katherine, enter the portal to salvage the volcano.

Fun read with cool graphics.  I liked the game symbols that popped up with names and skills and levels loading.  The characters are likable.  If you are a gamer, this book will feel familiar and immersive and reads as fast as playing a game. 

Michelle in the Middle

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