Monday, March 30, 2020

Double Foul by Craig Battle - OPTIONAL

Double Foul (Camp Average #2) by Craig Battle, 272 pages. OwlKids, 2020. $17

Content: G



Mack and his friends are back at Camp Average (Camp Avalon) for another summer, and things are much better.  There are even girls at Camp this year. Unlike last year, this year the baseball team loses to Camp Killington.  Since Winston was promoted to be the camp director based on the win from last year, he is desperate for a win of any kind.  Mack has been spending his time swimming and playing, but in order to win, Winston needs Mack on that basketball team. Threats to the happiness of all the other campers will do it.  Mack will play along, but he has plans – because there is no way he can let Winston win.

I love a great sports book – a combination of well-written play and human interest is a great draw. This is not that kind of sports book.  It is instead a story of machinations and hijinks – children battling adults (nothing wrong with that per se). Just not satisfying when it is all about manipulation.

Cindy, Library Teacher, MLS

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