Saturday, March 21, 2020

Sam Saves the Night by Shari Simpson - ADVISABLE

Content: G (mild danger)



13yo Sam’s sleepwalking is dangerous and seemingly incurable.  In a desperate move to get help, Sam’s mom takes her to a rogue sleep doctor, whose methods separates Sam’s soul from her body when she is asleep so that her body can sleep while her soul expends its copious energy.  Welcome to the Sleepwakers, Sam. Her tour guide is Byron, a particularly handsome young man, who shows her how to maneuver, introduces her to the different “tribes” (Juvenold, OCDeeds, Achievers, etc), hoping they can find where Sam belongs. And Byron also warns her to stay away from the MeanDreams – a tribe that seems to be bent on revenge.  But the leader of the MeanDreams is a girl from Sam’s school – a very persuasive girl who almost convinces Sam that what they do is retribution, not revenge. Sam can either join Madalyn’s crowd or not.  But she doesn’t Madalyn is prepared to fight Sam instead– always with a smile on her face.

Whew!  The land of sleepwalkers is dangerous – like in a Nightmare on Elm Street way! A good addition to a small list of middle grade books set in the land of dreams (or nightmares).

Cindy, Library Teacher, MLS

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