Monday, March 2, 2020

Catching a Russian Spy by Bryan Denson - ADVISABLE

Catching a Russian Spy (FBI Files) by Bryan Denson, 150 pages. NON-FICTION. Roaring Book Press (Macmillan), 2020, $8.

Content: G



Rick Ames worked for the CIA for 31 years, but due to an expensive divorce and a mistress he later married that burned through money, he decided an easy way to make money would be to spy for Russia.  Ames eventually made nearly 4.6 million dollars, but his betrayal cost the lives of ten agents and he betrayed the identities of dozens of others.  Ames compromised more highly classified CIA assets than any other agent in American History at the time of his arrest.  

This story follows the involved investigation that led to his arrest before he could skip the country. Highly researched but easy to follow, this book is a fast read.  Denson keeps the action moving and if you like real crime drama, this book is a fascinating look into the inner workings of the FBI. 

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