Friday, March 27, 2020

Fun Fun Fun World (#1) by Yehudi Mercado - ADVISABLE

Fun Fun Fun World (#1) by Yehudi Mercado, 184 pages, GRAPHIC NOVEL, Oni Press, 2020, $13.  9781941302781

Content G



Minky is an alien life form, captain of the Devastorm 5, who hasn’t been successful at conquering any planets, but has set his sight on Earth.  Eager to avoid the Scourge Realm should he fail, he and his crew land in a defunct theme park.  Javi, a young and resourceful human, who sees in the aliens a chance to use their technology to get the theme park working and save his dad’s job there, takes advantage of the dim aliens. It turns out that churros may be the best intergalactic currency of all!  But the park is hiding secrets and other aliens may want in on the conquering. 

There is a lot of humor here, and if you’ve ever been to an amusement park, you’ll relate to Fun Fun Fun World.  Nice color and easy to read graphics make this easy to follow.  If you want a fun fast read that doesn’t eat up too many brain cells, grab a churro and hang on for the ride. 

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