Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Witch’s Glass by Holly Grant - OPTIONAL

Content: G



The League of Beastly Dreadfuls (aka Anastasia, Ollie, Quentin, and Gus) are back in a third adventure.  This time around, eleven-year old Anastasia is living in Nowhere Special but actively searching for her missing grandfather.  The key to that seems to lie in mysterious unbreakable glass cabinet, where a literal silver key resides.  Meanwhile, strange events are happening in Nowhere Special.  One of their classmates goes missing while on a field trip to the local yodeling museum and witch magic seems to hound them.  As Anastasia gets closer to the truth, the stranger events get. 

This book is a fun ride.  The Beastly Dreadfuls are resourceful and Anatasia is a quick thinker.  Pictures by Josie Portillo help.  My only grievance is I was just getting into the book and then the book ended.  Just like that.  It’s like Holly Grant reached her page limit and pushed save on the computer.  If you’ve plowed through the first three books then you are for sure going to read the next one, but you’ll be as frustrated as Anastasia trying to shift.  

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