Sunday, December 24, 2017

Gorilla Dawn by Gill Lewis - ADVISABLE

Lewis, Gill, Gorilla Dawn, 405 pages.  Atheneum 2017, $17.00.  Language: G(0 swears); Mature Content: G;  Violence: G.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo Bobo and Irma are having a normal day when the Black Mamba and soldiers come. Bobo was in the jungle and he sees the soldiers take a baby gorilla. When Bobo and Irma find out that the soldiers have taken the gorilla to their camps they are furious and set off on an adventure to save the baby gorilla. Bobo and Irma go on a quest to try and save the baby gorilla they run into many challenges on the way and run into menacing characters along the way such as  Black Mamba and Rat.

If I lived in the time and place that they did, I would for sure want Bobo and Irma to be my friends. I could trust them and always rely on them to come help me at any time they would risk their life for any living soul. I know I would have great fun with them and play with them all the time. I wish they made a movie out of this book it would be a great movie with all the detail and action. This book gave me some heartache too, because they live in a country with lots of fighting.

 EL-OPTIONAL, MS-ADVISABLE. BRS, Student Reviewer, 7th grade

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