Sunday, December 17, 2017

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart - OPTIONAL

Lockhart, E. Genuine Fraud. 262 pages. Delacorte Press (Random) 2017. $19.  Language: R (21 swears, 8 ‘f’) Mature Content: PG- 13 (Brief discussions about sex, one mild sexual scene) Violence: R (Graphic murder) 

Jules is a world traveler. Jules put down roots with her best friend Imogen. Jules parents died on a top secret government mission. Jules parents never died, but they are not here now. Jules is everyone and Jules is no one. She’s the strongest girl you’ll ever meet and the only one you’ll never know. And she loves Imogen more than anyone in the world.   

Genuine Fraud is a harrowing young adult psychological thriller that takes a good look at what it really means to know someone. Jules as a main character is the perfect unreliable narrator, and her thought processes delve deep into the mental workings of a brilliant psychopath. Plot twists are a bit easy to guess towards the second half, but the beautiful prose and insights make up for it. This is quite a dark read though, with murder graphic enough that I wouldn’t advise for young readers to pick Genuine Fraud up. 


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