Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Lost Lullaby by Segel and Miller - ESSENTIAL

Segel, Jason and Kirsten Miller The Lost Lullaby (Nightmares! #3), 318 pages.  Delacorte (Random), 2016.  $17.  Language: G; MatureContent: G; Violence: PG.

Charlie and have friends have stopped the spread of ICK and INK’s Tranquility Tonic and for a few minutes they think all is well.  On the first day of school, INK (India) shows up at their school.  ICK (Isabel) is still stuck in Nightmare World and she is getting angrier and angrier, trying desperately to gather enough forces to take control there so that she and her minions can cross to the Waking World and also take control.  Charlie is the one who has to find the key to thwarting Isabel – and that key is much closer than he thinks.

This series now feels done, which makes me sad.  I hope Segel and Miller are already plotting out their next endeavor, because there are a tour de force! 

EL, MS – ESSENTIAL.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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