Sunday, October 16, 2016

The One Thing by Marci Curtis - OPTIONAL

Curtis, Marci Lyn The One Thing 328 pages, Hyperion,  2016.  $17.99, Language: PG-13(swears: 10+, “f”: 0+); Mature Content: PG; Violence: G 

Maggie is a teenage girl who used to play soccer, and was the star, until she went blind.  Now, Maggie pities herself and doesn’t like to be around people very often.  She feels down and discouraged, until she meets Ben.  For some reason, Maggie can see Ben and anything within a certain radius when she is around.  Maggie begins to hope that her vision is coming back and she can soon go back to playing soccer.  Will everything be all right, or will Maggie be forever stuck in darkness?  

This book was ok.  It was a great story, but there were too many swear words in the first one hundred pages.  That is why I stopped reading and didn’t know exactly how many swear words there are, because I stopped reading.  Mature Content is PG because it talks about female parts a few times.  

HS - OPTIONAL Student Reviewer: JM(8th grade)

Note:  This is a student reviewer.  They are not required to finish reading a book that has mature content and such if they don’t want to. )

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