Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Tale of a No-Name Squirrel by Radhika Dhaliwal - OPTIONAL

Dhariwal, Radhika R.  The Tale of a No-Name Squirrel, 370 pages.  Simon and Schuster 2014.  $16.99. Language: PG (2 swears, 0 "f"); Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG.

Squirrel was born into slavery. He has spent all his years working in the town of Bimmau as the Pet Post Slave. However, there is more to Squirrel than meets the eye.  Unbeknownst to Squirrel there is a secret hidden in his mind.  A secret known as Brittle's Key, that if unlocked could mean his freedom.  It is up to Squirrel to unlock the secret and discover the key before the nefarious Colonel finds it and uses it to enslave all of Bimmau. 

This story has great illustrations as well as fun characters who are all animals.  My first impression of the book was that it was for younger elementary aged readers, however, the book landed a PG rating due to the fact that there was a lot of drinking depicted as well as some suggestive dialogue that didn't quite fit with the nature of the story.  It took about 150 pages to really engage my interest in the story which may deter readers from finishing the book.

EL, MS -OPTIONAL. Gina, Media Specialist

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