Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Alexis’s Cupcake Cupid (Cupcake Diaries #24) by Coco Simon -OPTIONAL

Simon, Coco Alexis’s Cupcake Cupid (Cupcake Diaries #24) 160 pages Simon Spotlight, 2015. $6.99
Alexis is usually a logical girl, but when it comes to her crush, Matt, Emma’s older brother, she is always emotional. She is so wrapped up in trying to come up with an appropriate Valentines gift for him, that she forgets to get any for her best friends. She is a bit upset with them anyway since they are filled with advice about boys. Everyone keeps reminding her that love for yourself, your family, and your friends is more important that crushes, but Alexis can’t stop agonizing. When she finally makes him a special cupcake and secretly leaves it for him, all her hopes are pinned on it, and when he doesn’t even acknowledge it, its sends her into a tail spin.
I like the repeated lesson here about how trivial crushes are and they shouldn’t rule your life. But it might be a bit too much maturity for the main group of students that like to read this series, which is 3-4 grade girls. (Though 5-6th graders would read this series, if the covers were super modern and fresh, like abstract photos of middle school girls or something).
EL –OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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