Monday, March 30, 2015

No, Silly! by Ken Krug - ESSENTIAL

Krug, Ken No, Silly!, PICTURE BOOK. Beach Lane Books. 2015. $17.99

This silly book follows three friends as they do ordinary things that turn quite silly. Bear demonstrates all they places he likes to sleep. When he claims to sleep on cookies, he is interrupted by his friend Pig, “No, silly! You EAT cookies!” Pig then tells us all the things he likes to eat, including books. “No, silly! You READ books!” Now it’s Mouse’s turn to explain all the things you can read, including trucks! The books ends with Bear tucking Mom and Dad in bed and the final “No, Silly! Mom and Dad put YOU to bed.”

This has become a favorite at our house.  My 18 month-old loves to say, “What?!” at each silly claim made by these friends. It’s a fun book to snuggle up to and read before bed. The ideas are simple enough for little ones to follow, and the repetition makes it easy for small readers to memorize and imitate. We like to make up with our own “No, silly” scenarios as we move through our day. This books is a must have!

Pre-K --- ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: Rebecca H.

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