Monday, March 30, 2015

Buenas Noches, Luna by Margaret Wise - ESSENTIAL

Brown, Margaret Wise, Goodnight Moon / Buenas Noches, Luna, PICTURE BOOK. Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. 2014. $8.99.

Margaret Wise Brown’s beloved bedtime story Goodnight Moon has been re-released as a bilingual version. Each line of this simple yet mesmerizing story is written first in English, followed by its Spanish counterpart. Looked over by the “quiet old lady whispering, “hush”, little rabbit wishes a goodnight to, among others, “three little bears, sitting on chairs”, “two little kittens, and a pair of mittens”, and finally a goodnight to “noises everywhere”.

This story is perfect for a bilingual retelling. The story is simple and the images recognizable to all young readers. Parents wishing to introduce their children to the Spanish language as well as parents and teachers wishing to help their Spanish speakers master English, would be wise to begin with this sleepy rabbit, his green room, and the moon.

PRE K--- ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: Rebecca H.

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