Monday, March 16, 2015

Goose by Laura Wall - OPTIONAL

Wall, Laura  Goose  Harper, 2012.  $12.99  PICTURE BOOK  Content: G.  

A little girl goes to the park with her mom and is sad that she doesn’t have anyone to play with.  The next day when she goes to the park she meets a goose who plays with her on all the playground equipment and they become friends.  The goose shows the little girl that the other geese are flying away for the winter and she is sad that she might lose her friend.  But when she returns to the park, goose stayed behind so they could be friends and she takes the goose home.  

The illustrations in this book are bright and colorful.  The goose is adorable with big yellow feet.  The text is simple and the storyline is predictable.  I think some young kids would enjoy it, but my preschool son was bored with it because it didn't have enough going on.  

EL (K-3)-OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson. 

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