Friday, March 27, 2015

Fight For Power by Eric Walters - ESSENTIAL

Walters, Eric Fight For Power (Rule of Three), 346 p. Farrar, 2015.  $18.  Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: PG (lots of deaths, but not descriptive). 

Adam and his neighborhood have done a pretty good job of surviving the first few months of the world-wide disaster that ended all use of electricity, but as the months drag on, cracks in their make shift civilization start appearing.  The harvest isn’t ready and foodstuffs are becoming more scarce.  More and more people beg for entrance into their community and have to be turned away.  Others set up camp in the woods outside the fences, bringing more problems.  The war-mongering neighbors seem to have been conquered, but the survivors have disappeared, leaving more questions than answers.  And Brett, the leader of the night time guards, is becoming more belligerent and insubordinate.  Can the fragile peace around them all hold, or is disaster in the making?

Walters has added another intriguing new book to his series about a different apocalypse.  I love that magic and zombies are nowhere to be found – just hard-working people who are trying to hold onto sanity.  

MS – ESSENTIAL.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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