Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Island of Dr. Libris by Chris Grabenstein - OPTIONAL

Grabenstein, Chris The Island of Dr. Libris, 242 p. Random House, 2015.  $17. Mature Content: G; Language: G; Violence: PG.

Billy and his mother have retreated to a remote cabin by a lake so that his mother can work on her doctoral dissertation; his father is staying in New York and Billy is afraid that his parents are about to call their marriage quits. At the cabin he encounters the local bullies, but he also finds Dr. Libris’ private library, which has many classic books.  When he starts reading, however, he hears strange noises coming from the island in the lake – noises that seem to be related to the book he is reading.  With the help of another cabin-dweller, he rows across and finds that the book he read, Robin Hood, has come to life.  And with each new book he reads, more familiar characters also appear.  Freaky as it is, could he some how avoid disaster on the island and also rekindle his parents’ love?  With the Three Musketeers and the Sheriff of Nottingham pitted against him, the chances are very dim.

I was hoping for something related to Mr. Lemoncello, but no luck.  Once I got over that, I did enjoy the book.  It was fun to see the kids interacting with the characters (including sending the little sister off with Pollyanna for the day on a picnic so that she didn’t get involved with the danger).  Of course sending your parents back in time in George Orwell’s time machine stretches the imagination (not the time machine, but the idea that you can make your parents fall in love again that fast).  For kids who like fantasy adventure with out too much stress, this will be fun.  

EL, MS – OPTIONAL.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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