Monday, March 30, 2015

Winnie & Waldorf by Kati Hites - ADVISABLE

Hites, Kati Winnie & Waldorf, PICTURE BOOK 40 pgs. HarperCollins, 2015. $17.99 Content: G.  

Winnie thinks her dog Waldorf is well behaved and perfect.  He will do whatever she wants him to. But when they get caught in Winnie’s sister’s “off-limits” room, and Waldorf gets blamed for the broken violin string, someone suggests he be traded in for a cat.  

This is a cute story where the words say one thing and the pictures say another.  Children will like looking for the “proof” that Winnie is wrong when she says Waldorf is a good dog.  A fun read aloud, that also lends itself to cause/effect and fact/opinion discussions.  

EL  (K-3)- ADVISABLE  Lisa Librarian

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