Friday, December 19, 2014

Rogue Knight by Brandon Mull - ADVISABLE

Mull, Brandon Rogue Knight (Five Kingdoms #2), 466 p. Aladdin (Simon), 2014.  $18.  

Violence: PG (lots of violence, but not gory); Language: G; Mature Content: G.  

Cole and his friends have rescued Princess Mira and escaped most of the perils of the Outskirts, but even if they make it into Elloweer, they need to quietly recruit new allies, keep out of the clutches of the slavers, avoid the chaos being created by the Rogue Knight and the evil Morgassa, and rescue Mira’s sister Honor. 

The myriad of new characters makes #2 more complicated than #1 – I had to reread at several points because I was just exhausted by trying to keep track of everyone and everything.  Mull certainly maintains his ability to drag his characters from danger to danger, but I am getting a little action-fatigued.  I will keep in mind that Mull is writing for the immature reader, so character development is not really called for.  So – enjoy the action.

EL, MS – ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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