Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Deadly Jokester (Toto Trouble Book #2) by Thierry Coppee –NOT RECOMMENDED

Coppee, Thierry A Deadly Jokester (Toto Trouble Book #2) GRAPHIC NOVEL Papercutz, 2014. $7.99 Content: G
This graphic novel features the eight year old boy named Toto in a multitude of mini-chapter/adventures. We see him in conversations at school, on field trips, at home with his mom, dad, or grandparents. An example adventure is his grandma asking him to lie about his age so he can ride the bus for free and save her money. So he tells the bus driver he is seven years old to get free fare. When the bus driver questions him, Toto replies that while he is seven years old, he will be eight when he gets off the bus. His Grandma is not happy about that.
I think that I have finally come to the conclusion that I dislike everything this publisher puts out. At the end of each mini story, I could practically hear the cheesy drumroll that comes after a joke in a stand up act. Toto is not someone I would want to expose students as he is a smart aleck of the worst kind, totally disrespectful over and over again to grownups. I think parents would hustle me out the door if they read some of this. The art
EL –NOT RECOMMENDED Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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