Thursday, December 11, 2014

I Can Do it Myself by Valorie Fisher - ADVISABLE

Fisher, Valorie, I Can Do it Myself. PICTURE BOOK. Schwarts & Wade Books. 2014. $17.99.
“You’re a big kid now, and there are lots of things you can do by yourself!” From tracing your letters to setting the table, this book is a must have how-to guide for "big kids". Valorie Fisher uses adorable vintage dolls in combination with real life images to guide young readers through all the “big kid stuff” they can do themselves. You can tie your shoe or cut paper with scissors. Brush your teeth or hold a pencil. Oh, and by the way, tags go on the inside, not the outside.
What a fun book! The pictures are absolutely adorable and no “big kid” task is left unexplored. Although my toddler is a bit too young for most of these tasks, there are a few we can check off our list. Whether we read it together or she explores each page herself while sitting on the floor, this book is one that has definitely sparked an interest in my little helper.
PRE K-EL (K-3)-- ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Rebecca H.

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