Friday, December 19, 2014

Albie’s First Word by Tourville - ADVISABLE

Tourville, Jacqueline and Evans, Wynne, Albie’s First Word: A Tale Inspired by Albert Einstein’s Childhood. PICTURE BOOK. Schwarts & Wade Books. 2014. $17.99.

Little Albie is like most young boys. He likes to jump in puddles, play in the water, collect acorns and ice-skate in the winter. Albie is bright, curious, and clever. One thing Albie doesn’t do is speak. His parents take him to the doctor who advises taking Albie to new places and get him to ask questions. Following their doctors advice, they visit the symphony and an astronomy lecture. Still Albie doesn’t speak. At the park he enters a boat race and wins first prize! Still Albie doesn’t speak. Finally, late one night as Albie and his mother gaze up at the night sky, Albie points to the stars and ask, “Why?”

Albie’s First Word is a sweet and beautifully illustrated story that will captivate readers young and old. What a fantastic way to introduce young readers to one of the greatest scientific minds and the power of "why?"

EL (K-3)-- ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Rebecca H, Language Arts Teacher

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