Saturday, December 27, 2014

Flippy Floppy Farm Animals by Pointier - ADVISABLE

Pointier, Anton and Touliatou, Sophia Flippy Floppy Farm Animals. BOARD BOOK. Holiday House, Inc. 2014. $14.95.
Farm Animals is a “Flippy Floppy Lift-the-flap fun!” book. Each page has a farm animal that asks its little reader, “Can you find me?” As little fingers turn each flap, a different animal appears. As each flap is turned down the line, a small part of the “Can you find me?” animal begins to come together. The last flap reveals the full animal with an excited, “You found me!”
This has been hands down one of our favorite “lift-the-flap” books. My toddler will sit and go through each page and each flap over and over over. The build up of each turn, the thrill of a new animal behind each flap, and the final animal reveal at the end provides such a fun thrill for my young reader. The illustrations are silly and each page has endless details to stimulate little fingers. This is a must have for any bookshelf!

Pre-K -- ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Rebecca H, Language Arts Teacher

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