Saturday, July 5, 2014

Archie Takes Flight by Wendy Mass and Michael Brawer -- ADVISABLE

Mass, Wendy and Michael Brawer Archie Takes Flight (Space Taxi #1), illustrated by Elise Gravel. Little, Brown and Company, 2014. $5.99. Content: G.

At midnight on the day Archie turns eight years, eight months, and eight days old, he finally gets to see what his dad does for a living. But it turns out his father doesn't just do the night shift in a taxi. He's an intergalactic taxi driver, using wormholes to deposit aliens from one planet onto another. Archie knew his dad had a cool job; he just had no idea how cool it actually was.

This is a humorous chapter book that incorporates a little science into the adventure. While it seemed like there were just a few too many coincidences and pat answers to help me fully suspend disbelief, I can see how many children could be caught up in the tale, and ready to follow Archie on not just this adventure, but subsequent ones. I do wish there had been more illustrations, especially considering the age level, as that might help children imagine some of the more creative scenes.

EL -- ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Caryn

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